• More cost efficient screening for the best detergents

We understand the first challenge when working with detergents is finding the correct one. This usually involves a systematic screening process of a panel of detergents. To help you screen more for less, Anatrace offers a 10% discount on any purchase of seven or more different detergents.


  • Save more on GDN

Get 5% off 1 gm and 5 gm pack sizes
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Receive 5% off 2 x 25 GM bottles or 10% off 4 x 25 GM bottles (Promo Code: BULKGDN)

Offer expires on December 15, 2018

  • Scaling up creates challenges. We offer solutions

Anatrace recognizes after you have found a detergent which works, the next step is to scale up your research. Scaling up requires more detergent. For this phase of your work, we often offer pricing breaks for larger order quantities.


  • 10% off new lab purchases

Got a new lab starting up? You're going to need some products. Save 10% on all of our purification products, detergents, lipids, and crystallization screens.