Crystallization has just gotten better

Anatrace, in partnership with Microlytic North America, is proud to introduce you to the first commercially available kit series to address the challenges of working with Integral Membrane Proteins (IMPs). The new Analytic product line is a new brand of products targeted to the membrane protein research community, with particular attention to those studying high resolution three-dimensional structures.

These amphipathic proteins are naturally found in a lipid bilayer environments which insulates their hydrophilic core. Removing them from their natural state is difficult and usually leads to the protein unfolding which makes studying them probamatic. Researchers studying IMP face challenges, including the selection of detergents for protein extraction and stabilization, identification of detergents, and biophysical parameters commensurate with protein crystallization.
The Analytic product line includes the following three kits:  Extractor      Selector      Crystallizer
Our Analytic kit series is designed to follow the work flow from extraction to detergent/IMP compatibility (stability and solubilizing) to final crystal formulation. 

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