About Us

Research facilities, academic institutions, and industrial customers worldwide have trusted Anatrace for high-purity detergents, lipids, customs, and, of course, higher standards since the late 1980s. Once again a privately owned business, thanks to StoneCalibre's private equity investment and subsequent formation of their life sciences group, Calibre Scientific, we’re now setting those standards higher than ever before.

 Well regarded as top performers for membrane protein structural biology, Anatrace products are chosen for their uniquely pure molecules – and the exacting chemistry behind them. From compounds designed to disrupt cell membranes to products that stabilize or solubilize unstable macromolecules and proteins, we’re always raising the bar. So your structural studies, functional biology work, or chemical synthesis project will yield incredibly reliable results. Which is exactly why publications have cited us an average of over 400 times a year, just in the last 5 years.

 Along with our vast portfolio of products, our chemists can develop specialized solutions tailored to meet your unique specifications. We can also provide custom synthesis services and expert analytical work to aid your own research and development team. The possibilities are limitless – just like the levels of perfection we reach for.